Access Instructions – Matilda Cloud Documentation

Matilda Cloud Documentation Access Instructions #

Automating and Enhancing IT and Cloud Operations #

Matilda Cloud offers a comprehensive suite of software modules aimed at automating and enhancing IT Ops and Cloud Ops tasks. Our robust, cloud-agnostic platform stands out in the industry for its automated discovery capabilities, providing unparalleled IT blueprints and rapid migration assessments. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies across various industries like telecom, finance, public utilities, big data, and transportation, we prioritize performance, cost-efficiency, and reduced downtime.


Access to Detailed Documentation #

Matilda Cloud takes pride in delivering comprehensive support materials to our valued clients. In an effort to maximize the experience of our users and the value of our partners, we are currently offering our software documentation by request only. Please contact for version-specific software documentation, including installation guides, user guides, and runbooks.

Here you will find detailed installation instructions and user guides for each of our software modules:

  • Rapid Assessment: Quickly profiles your existing IT landscape, delivering a comprehensive migration plan and cost-saving recommendations within just 48 hours.
  • Matilda Discover: Performs deep analysis of your enterprise applications to assess cloud readiness, pinpoint compatibility, and mitigate migration risks.
  • Matilda Migrate: Streamlines the cloud migration process through support for all migration models, zero-downtime cutover orchestration, and policy-enforced compliance. This module is fully integrated with our discovery module.
  • Matilda Optimize: A comprehensive cloud optimization tool that serves as your navigational compass, providing dynamic governance, actionable insights, and personalized recommendations to balance financial operations, operational efficiency, and modernization strategies.


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