Matilda Migrate Installation Guide

Matilda Migrate Installation Pre-Requisites #


Matilda Migrate Architecture #

Matilda Migrate Architecture

Matilda Migrate Architecture


Matilda Migrate Access Requirements #

  • The Matilda SME should have RDP/VDI/VPN access to connect client’s network.
  • The Matilda SME should be able to connect to Matilda instance using SSH clients like putty.


Matilda Server Requirements #


OS Requirements #

  • RHEL 7.9 or CentOS 7.9


Compute Requirements (Single VM) #

  • vCPU: 4
  • Memory: 16 GB
  • Storage: 350 GB
  • Number of instances: 1


File System Requirements #

  • Root (/): 30 GB
  • Var(/var): 70 GB
  • Matilda Migrate(/matilda): 250 GB


Ports to be Open on Matilda Server #

Ports for Inbound traffic: 22, 32001 & 31112

Ports for Outbound traffic: 22, 5985/5986, 445, 1433, 1521, 3306 & 27017, Cloud Provider APIs

Access to External URLs #

The Matilda Migrate server needs access to the external URLs below to setup Matilda Migrate.

The API endpoints of the target Cloud provider should be accessible from the Matilda Migrate instance.

Matilda software installation prerequisites – Linux commands #

SSH into the instance and switch to root to execute the following commands:

  • curl
  • git
  • host
  • nc
  • openssl
  • unzip

To install the prerequisite Linux commands on a RHEL instance, please install the packages below:

# yum install -y git curl unzip bind-utils nmap-ncat openssl

Steps for Running a Precheck on the Server #

  • Clone the below repository as root. The Matilda team will provide the necessary credentials to clone the git repository.

# git clone

  • Change the directory to matilda_prechecks.

# cd matilda_prechecks

  • Create a directory named /matilda and mount additional storage(250GB).

# mkdir /matilda

  • Run the binary script of and fix the errors.

# ./

The precheck script could fail in any one of the following cases:

  • If the VM requirements (CPU/Memory/FileSystem Size) are not met.
  • If the installation prerequisites commands list is not executed prior to the precheck.
  • If the mount point /matilda is not created.

If the prechecks complete successfully, Matilda Migrate can be installed (see below).

Matilda Migrate Installation Guide #

The purpose of this document is to install the Matilda Migrate Cloud platform in Kubernetes cluster single node environment.

Matilda Migrate Architecture #

Matilda Migrate Architecture

Matilda Migrate Architecture


Matilda Migrate Installation Steps #

The steps in the preceding Matilda Migrate Pre-Requisites must be properly performed before proceeding into the installation steps below.

  • Download the installation git repository from below location:

# git clone

  • Change the directory to mdeploy_migrate and set executable permissions to installation script

# cd mdeploy_migrate

# chmod +x

  • Update the config file in the installation directory. The Matilda team will provide the necessary details.

# vim config

USERNAME==<Matilda team to share>
PASSWORD=<Matilda team to share>
EMAIL=<Matilda team to share>

MATILDA_GIT_USERNAME=<Matilda team to share>

MATILDA_GIT_PASSWORD=<Matilda team to share>

DNS_NAME=<Client to provide>

TLS_KEY_PATH=<Client to provide>

TLS_CRT_PATH=<Client to provide>

*Configuration updates are mandatory and without proper configuration, installation will not proceed.

  • Run the installation script.

# ./

External Identity Provider Integration Steps (Optional) #

Please refer the below documentation for OIDC and SAML integration

Matilda Application URLs #

Migrate URL: http://<dns_name>:32001/hub/workflow

Logins: Single sign on email / local login id

Password: < Admin password >

The Matilda team will share the local admin credentials

Support #

Matilda Cloud support is offered by email during working hours Monday-Friday. Please contact for assistance.

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