Transform your technology strategy with automation and real-time insights.



Manual assessments can’t keep up with the complexity of modern technology environments.

Matilda Cloud’s tech-agnostic, real-time AI-powered assessments seamlessly analyze diverse landscapes, delivering unparalleled analysis, strategic insights, tailored recommendations, and automated migration.

Matilda Discover

Matilda Discover offers an application-centric approach to uncover all applications, their supporting software and hardware infrastructure, and dependencies within any environment. With its best-in-class AI-powered real-time assessments, Matilda Discover generates the comprehensive insights essential for seamless and efficient cloud migrations, minimizing risks and avoiding costly mistakes.

Matilda Migrate

Automate the migration of applications to any cloud quickly and precisely. Our automated approach ensures a seamless and low-risk migration, and supports modernization by automatically generating the infrastructure as code required for cloud provisioning. Leverage real-time AI-powered automation to deliver proactive value. Accelerate your cloud journey while avoiding downtime and costly mistakes.

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