The Matilda Cloud Google Partnership

We make it easy to migrate and modernize mission-critical applications in the Google Cloud.

Accelerate your migration to the Google Cloud with automated Discovery, Migration, Modernization and Containerization.

Our Google Cloud Platform offerings cover discovery, assessment, migration, modernization, and containerization of existing workloads into the GCP platform.

Our unrivalled experience in delivering customer workloads to the GCP platform means that our products have proven the ability to migrate complex and large workloads to GCP. Matilda Discover and Matilda Migrate let you:

Standardize the configuration of your cloud and your cloud based applications

Simplify migrations from on-premise to the Google Cloud Platform

Modernize and migrate workloads to cloud-native applications

Rapidly deploy applications with automation

Leverage the power of the Google Cloud Platform with Matilda

Matilda helps you in every step of the migration process to the GCP platform.

Visibility into your IT environment

Automatically Discover all of your on premise applications and their dependencies.

Cloud Suitability Analysis

Automatically determine which applications should be moved to the Google Cloud Platform.

Automatic Application Migration

Automate the migration of your applications and all of their supporting software to the GCP.

Automate Application Modernization

Automatically produce Infrastructure as Code to fit migrated applications into you CI/CD process.