Authorized Resellers

Partner as our reseller and together we will help clients improve performance while reducing cost


How do we empower our customers with the help of Reseller partnership?

We empower our partners to become trusted advisors to their customers by delivering Matilda Cloud solutions platform enabling exponential improvements in efficiency and cost effectiveness .

Get access to sales and technical tools, training, and marketing resources as our valued added partner

Integrate Matilda Cloud product into your portfolio and sell our product to your customers

Improved growth opportunity which enables you to increase sales, and reach out to market quickly

Expand capabilities to deliver an even stronger service offering in response to your respective customers’ needs

Our Resellers

Why become a Reseller with Matilda Cloud?

Benefit from accessing technical tools, training, and marketing resources

Value added services for smooth transition to cloud service

Self-provisioning tools to profitably sell and manage Matilda Cloud product suite

Experts to support you with market positioning strategy