Case Studies

pSolv Modernizes its Process Automation Engine in AWS with Matilda

pSolv is a data-driven boutique technology firm, with specialization in analytic process automation, big data analytics and cloud enablement, that offers products and services to help enterprises adopt big data solutions rapidly. They provide their customers across multiple regions with real-time access to high-volume, high-velocity data.

Modernizing a Banking Application in AWS

One of the U.S.’s oldest and largest financial services organizations, with over $200 billion in assets, needed to migrate to the cloud with minimal—and optimally zero—disruption to their existing services and operations. Their IT portfolio had grown so complex from both organic growth and acquisitions that it was no longer aligned with their growth plan.

Seamless Application Migration from Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) to AWS and Oracle Clouds

One of the largest telecom providers in the United States, renowned for delivering comprehensive communications and technology solutions to their customers, had a quandary on their hands. Their Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) license renewal was rapidly approaching, but they knew they needed to move to a different cloud environment.

Migrating a Large Telecom Company to AWS

A major telecommunications provider based in Dallas, Texas got a mandate from its executive team: move the company’s applications to the cloud. It turned out that was easier said than done, though—18 months after starting to work toward this goal, progress was not being sufficiently made. Old versions of underlying software tools kept popping up in their software stack, and some applications had been around so long that there was no understanding on the team of how to operate them—much less the documentation of how to do so.

Migrating a Critical Windows based Application to AWS

One of the largest telecommunications providers in the United States, renowned for its comprehensive communications and technology solutions, needed help. It wanted to move a critical application to the cloud, and to do it right—without major hassles—so that migration would need an expert hand. This on-premise application, responsible for transactional analysis, was primarily Windows-based. Since it was at the end of its service life (EOSL), the migration required a full stack upgrade, and a detailed evaluation of the current application environment was needed to design a suitable target system.

How a Major Travel and Transport Company Moved to AWS

A large, privately held global travel and transport company, which has thousands of employees and serves as a strategic partner to hundreds of airlines, travel agents, and shippers around the world, needed to decommission some of its data centers. The company’s data centers were spread across the globe, from the US and UK to Spain, Dubai, and India, and it needed a cohesive plan tailor-made to its environment in order to properly decommission the required data centers while migrating necessary data and applications to remaining sites.