Scaling a Real-Time Media Processing Company Across Geographies with AWS Migration

Customer Profile 

Customer: nCorium

Location: North America & Asia

Industry: Information & Communication Technology

AWS Migration and Modernization Competency

The Challenge – Seamlessly Scaling Data-Intensive Apps Globally without Impacting User Experience

nCorium is a real time media processing company serving clients across North American and Asian-Pacific regions. Their communications solutions deliver high efficiency and high reliability for audio and video applications.

nCorium had identified an opportunity to expand their operations across geographical locations. Their applications, however, were highly data-intensive. They sought a solution to aid their scaling efforts across geographies without impacting end users’ experiences.

The Solution – Seamless AWS migration via Matilda’s automated profiling, strategic planning, and CI/CD pipeline implementation

Leveraging Matilda’s assessment and migration solutions, we facilitated the nCorium’s seamless transition to AWS. We set up both non-production and production environments in AWS for North America and Asia Pacific regions, enabling edge/near cloud capabilities for our client.

The solution comprised automated deep profiling with dependencies and migration to AWS. The migration process was executed in three key stages:

    1. Matilda carried out a network-based discovery of data centers and delivered a comprehensive assessment for AWS transition, including wave group planning.
    2. We collaborated with the client’s application business and technical teams to comprehend their business goals and gather application metadata information.
    3. We established a landing zone in AWS, modeled on the client’s network design in multiple regions.
    4. We enhanced the application architecture to ensure all data remained within the deployment region.
    5. We successfully migrated the client’s Non-Production and Production assets to AWS across multiple regions.
    6. Finally, we set up CI/CD pipelines to facilitate continuous deployments.

Matilda’s end-to-end migration platform supported our client in migrating their workloads securely and seamlessly to AWS at high speed.


With Matilda’s platform, nCorium was able to:

  • Gain powerful insights into their application and infrastructure dependencies.
  • Automatically generate Terraform Infrastructure as Code for their landing zone and applications.
  • Conduct detailed assessments for right-sizing of compute and storage.
  • Successfully migrate applications from their Datacenter to regions in North America and Asia Pacific.
  • Determine the appropriate storage class based on the hot/cold storage requirements of their applications.
  • Establish a CI/CD pipeline for continuous build and deployment of applications to Production and Non-Production environments.
  • Serve their customers in multiple locations effectively.
  • Achieve scalability of their applications in the AWS environment.

Our engagement with nCorium illustrates Matilda’s ability to empower clients with tools and strategies to scale operations effectively across geographical locations while maintaining optimal user experience.