A Digital Solutions Company Modernizes Their Applications for Cloud-Native Environments in AWS

Customer Profile 

Customer: Quantrion

Location: Dallas, TX

Industry: Tech

AWS Migration and Modernization Competency

The Challenge – Legacy Infrastructure with a Lack of Scalability and High Costs

Quantrion, a digital solutions company based in Dallas, Texas, faced several challenges when it came to migrating their on-premises applications to the cloud. They needed to modernize their applications for cloud-native environments, reduce costs, improve application performance, and increase flexibility and scalability. These challenges were exacerbated by legacy infrastructure, out-of-support services, limited visibility into application dependencies, technical debt, and performance optimization.

To overcome these challenges, Quantrion partnered with Matilda Cloud. Matilda Cloud’s software suite provided an automated process for discovery, assessment, standardization, migration, and modernization of Quantrion‘s applications.

The Solution – Wholistic Assessment and a Factory Model of Modernization

Matilda Discover provided a wholistic discovery process that detected and assessed Quantrion’s entire on-prem environment, including compute assets, services, middleware, and databases. This tool identified the connections of critical assets based on services deployed on instances and traffic analysis between assets. Matilda’s assessment provided application grouping, asset right sizing, application to application dependency mapping, PaaS service compatibility, modernization options, and performance and license evaluations.

With Matilda Migrate, Quantrion standardized and accelerated their application migration and modernization to AWS. Matilda Migrate automatically generated customizable Terraform Infrastructure as Code for the migration, while enforcing standardization and AWS best practices. Additionally, Matilda automated the process of .Net modernization from .Net framework to .Net core, and Java application containerization.

By leveraging Matilda Cloud’s software suite, Quantrion gained visibility into application dependencies, assessed the performance of applications, and modernized their applications for cloud-native environments. This allowed Quantrion to successfully migrate their applications to the cloud while reducing costs, improving flexibility, scalability, and application performance.


The partnership between Quantrion and Matilda Cloud resulted in a successful migration to AWS that leveraged AWS’s flexibility, scalability, and improved application performance. Quantrion was able to achieve their goals of modernizing their applications, reducing costs, and increasing flexibility and scalability. With Matilda Cloud’s automated process for migration and modernization, Quantrion was able to migrate their applications with ease, while minimizing disruption to their business operations.

In conclusion, Quantrion’s successful migration to AWS with Matilda Cloud is a testament to the power of cloud migration and modernization solutions. Matilda Cloud’s software suite provided a comprehensive solution to Quantrion’s migration challenges, enabling them to achieve their business goals while minimizing disruption to their operations.