A Large Utility Company Leverages Matilda for Automated Migration to AWS

Customer Profile 

Customer: Infosys

Location: United States and Canada

Industry: Utilities

AWS Migration and Modernization Competency

The Challenge – A Legacy On-Premise Application with Outdated Infrastructure

“Not economically feasible” is never a phrase you want to hear. But that’s what a large, publicly traded water utility company determined was the fate for their idea to overhaul their utility systems by scaling up their current hardware and servers. Despite large investments made in upgrading the infrastructure previously, the physical systems were deteriorating. Given that these systems were involved with incredibly large volumes of data and were relied on to provide important, efficient services to customers, it was clear that the utility provider would need to redesign their plans and transform to a new infrastructure model.

Other challenges they needed to address in this transformation included their current high-cost software licenses needed to operate in-house processes, server hardware that was due for replacement, and an on-premise datacenter hosting the infrastructure that needed periodic shutdowns. The company had inherited outdated legacy systems and a portion of that infrastructure remained unknown. This presented a number of difficulties for them in the past; when some applications were causing issues, they had trouble assessing the situation given the limited visibility, and the unknown dependencies and inaccurate data led to delayed decisions even during critical moments. Disaster recovery and business continuity efforts were complicated at every step of the way, leading to higher risk across the board.

The Solution – Automated Cloud Migration and Automated Application Modernization:

The utility company knew a move to the AWS Cloud was in order, and they needed a partner that could provide a detailed strategy up front, design a target state, and execute the migration in an optimized way. Matilda proved to be the way forward for the company. Matilda Discover assessed and mapped out their current infrastructure, providing visibility for the first time on a lot of the company’s crucial application dependencies. Matilda Discover was  able to provide the utility company with a complete 360-degree visualization of the production-ready application environment on the AWS Cloud, and recommended specific migration and EOSL strategies for each of the applications. These strategies would help the company meet SLAs with zero downtime when the migration happened, while still remaining cost-efficient.

Once Matilda Discover created the data necessary for an automated migration to the cloud, it was time for Matilda Migrate to automate the process of actually migrating the applications to AWS.


Matilda Migrate then migrated the utility company to a Water Management Platform on AWS. Before, during, and after the automated cloud migration, the company saw a number of additional benefits thanks to Matilda Migrate:

  • Provided visualizations for both upstream and downstream dependencies for the utility company’s infrastructure
  • Identified the full application portfolio and recommended “7 R” strategies for database servers for both production and non-production environments
  • Enabled the client to make quicker and better pre-migration decisions by forming a detailed profile of Host-to-IP level grouping, along with associated platform, OS, OS version, instance type, make, and model
  • Aided in developing the day-to-day management strategies of infrastructure on AWS for all deployed applications
  • Improved efficiency by identifying key application and database bottlenecks
  • Discovered EOSL assets of the complete application software stack, including operating systems and firmware—resulting in significant license and maintenance savings
  • Implemented automated workflows to improve productivity, quality, and service levels
  • Enabled time and effort savings through planning and managing critical utility infrastructure by providing actionable data from Matilda Discover and Migrate and a cost analysis
  • Brought over 80% of the utility company’s out-of-support assets back into compliance via automated application modernization
  • Provided the company self-service data navigation capabilities and the ability to support future cloud efforts organization-wide