Modernizing a Legacy Banking Application in AWS

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Location: North America
Industry: Banking & Financial Services

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The Challenge – Modernizing a Legacy Banking Application

One of the U.S.’s oldest and largest financial services organizations, with over $200 billion in assets, needed to migrate to the cloud with minimal—and optimally zero—disruption to their existing services and operations. Their IT portfolio had grown so complex from both organic growth and acquisitions that it was no longer aligned with their growth plan.

With a retail and commercial product and service portfolio built to cater to individuals, small, medium, and large businesses, institutions, non-profit organizations, they couldn’t rely on their legacy applications and the existing on-premise environment to get the job done as growth continued.

The plan was to modernize their on-premises environment to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The migration from their current environment to AWS would require an articulate and agile approach driven by an in-depth understanding of the legacy applications and their dependencies, and supported by automation with infrastructure as code generation.

The biggest need from an IT Ops perspective was to enable a centralized way to deliver and optimize infrastructure services and drive productivity; on the investment side, cost optimization was key, requiring a structured solution for modernizing a legacy banking application in AWS.

Matilda Migrate automated the migration the financial institution’s infrastructure and applications portfolio seamlessly to the cloud and then ensured that all standard security policies were followed in AWS.

The Solution – Automated Cloud Migration and Application Modernization

With Matilda’s help, the financial services company gained a 360-degree view of their entire IT landscape, automatically visualized previously-unknown critical application and service dependencies, and accurately modeled their current and target state IT costs. With a detailed breakdown of the cost savings from moving to AWS, Matilda recommended the right approach for the client that would allow for these savings without impacting their mission-critical and dynamic business operations.

Matilda Discover’s profiling of the client’s portfolio and dependencies was rapid and efficient; providing a deep analysis accelerated their cloud migration strategy. This data-driven decision making, through automated application discovery, utilized visual analytics and an automated migration roadmap that laid out the best strategy for each application category.

Matilda Migrate provided a seamless and automated cloud migration. Matilda ensured all the foundation blocks were available to adhere to the security standards on AWS and migrated the financial institution’s infrastructure and applications portfolio seamlessly to the cloud.

The Results

By using Matilda Discover and Matilda Migrate, the financial organization was able to:

  • Successfully migrate to the cloud, ensuring right-sized, secure, application operations in AWS
  • Enable a unified view of their entire IT landscape with multi-dimensional visualizations, automated dependency analysis, consumption modeling, and detailed reporting
  • Enjoy TCO reductions across storage, applications, and infrastructure
  • Right-sized their AWS footprint and consolidated cloud-ready workloads for their IT team’s operational efficiency
  • Transform application deployment to an automated application migration process with a modern CI/CD  pipeline through automatically generated Terraform infrastructure-as-code

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