pSolv Modernizes its Process Automation Engine in AWS with Matilda

Customer profile
Location: Dallas, TX
Industry: Analytics
Project Duration: 10 weeks

AWS Migration and Modernization Competency

The Challenge – A Fast Migration and High Performing Applications in AWS

pSolv, a data-driven boutique technology firm specializing in analytic process automation, big data analytics, and cloud enablement, needed to migrate their rapidly growing on-prem applications to AWS.

Their solution must not interfere with their business of providing customers across multiple regions with real-time access to high-volume, high-velocity data. Their migration required minimal latency, proper balance between cost and performance, and adaptation to scale for their data-intensive processes. Due to the complexity of their applications, pSolv faced challenges in identifying application dependency and the impact of each component.

Matilda’s end-to-end migration solution facilitated pSolv’s seamless transition to AWS, ensuring high-performing, scalable applications and optimized costs for their data-driven business.

The Solution – Automated Application Discovery, Migration, and Modernization

Matilda implemented a four-step process to discover, assess, standardize, and migrate pSolv’s applications to the cloud. Using Matilda Discover, pSolv identified their current application landscape and dependencies, and created a migration map for deployment in AWS. Matilda’s platform provided deep insights into compute assets, services, and performance metrics, along with modernization options for .Net and Spring Boot applications.

Matilda’s automated migration assessment included application grouping, asset right-sizing, application-to-application dependencies, PaaS service compatibility, performance evaluation, and license calculation and optimization options. Matilda’s modernization module facilitated a swift and secure migration to AWS, while enforcing standardization and scalability with Terraform Infrastructure as Code, landing zones creation, and other best practices. Additionally, Matilda Migrate automated .Net modernization from .Net framework to .Net core and Java application containerization with factory model implementation.


The Results

Thanks to Matilda’s platform, pSolv achieved…

  • Consolidated, cloud-ready applications that met performance requirements and optimized costs
  • Powerful insights into application dependencies
  • Automatically generated Terraform Infrastructure as Code
  • Detailed assessments for right-sizing and cost optimization
  • Modernized .Net Framework applications to .Net core and Tomcat/Springboot Java applications to containers within the targeted timeframe
  • Breaking monolith applications into microservices for improved performance and scalability

Learn more about Matilda Discover, and Matilda Migrate.

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