pSolv Modernizes its Process Automation Engine in AWS with Matilda

Customer profile
Location: Dallas, TX
Industry: Analytics
Project Duration: 10 weeks

AWS Migration and Modernization Competency

The Challenge – A Fast Migration and a Well Performing Application in AWS

pSolv is a data-driven boutique technology firm, with specialization in analytic process automation, big data analytics and cloud enablement, that offers products and services to help enterprises adopt big data solutions rapidly. They provide their customers across multiple regions with real-time access to high-volume, high-velocity data.

They were growing fast, and needed to ensure that this rapid expansion didn’t affect their ability to deploy their applications seamlessly and reliably. A move to the cloud would be needed. But pSolv wanted to make sure their applications could adapt to scale and their highly data-intensive processes would not be plagued by latency after a switch to Amazon Web Services (AWS). It was also important to pSolv that there would be a proper balance between cost and performance in the move to cloud.

By standardizing the run time environment in AWS, Matilda was able to ensure that the migrated application met performance requirements.

The Solution – Automated Application Discovery and Automated Cloud Migration

Matilda Discover helped pSolv identify the current landscape of their applications deployment and dependencies with its automated application discovery feature and then build out a map for what they would look like running in AWS’ cloud. Matilda Migrate migrated their applications to AWS swiftly and securely, and the company was cloud-ready in a flash.

Thanks to deep insight into application dependencies and the automated generation of infrastructure as code (IaC), Matilda was able to help pSolv get in line with AWS best practices for standardization.

In the move, Matilda’s automated application modernization redesigned pSolv’s applications for cloud enablement, ensuring they could scale as needed and support high levels of availability. The automated cloud migration was done with security procedures in place, and pSolv was engaged and had visibility into the whole process. Matilda tagged resources appropriately and enforced governance policies, as well as integrated the environment with pSolv’s customer notification engine.

The Results

Thanks to Matilda, pSolv has benefited from:

  • A consolidated, cloud-ready application that met performance requirements
  • AWS instances right-sized for cost and performance optimization
  • Powerful views into application-to-application dependencies and application-to-infrastructure dependencies
  • Reports for company leaders to review and assess progress and needed changes
  • Automatically generated Terraform Infrastructure as Code fitting the application into a modern CI/CD process

Learn more about Matilda Discover, and Matilda Migrate.

About Matilda

Matilda provides innovative products that automate the migration of applications to the cloud and optimize their operation in the cloud.