How a Major Travel and Transport Company Moved to AWS

Customer profile
Location: EMEA, Americas, Asia
Industry: Airline and Transport
Project Duration: 8 weeks

AWS Migration and Modernization Competency

The Challenge – Poor Visibility into On Premise Applications and Infrastructure

A large, privately held global travel and transport company, which has thousands of employees and serves as a strategic partner to hundreds of airlines, travel agents, and shippers around the world, needed to decommission some of its data centers. The company’s data centers were spread across the globe, from the US and UK to Spain, Dubai, and India, and it needed a cohesive plan tailor-made to its environment in order to properly decommission the required data centers while migrating necessary data and applications to the remaining sites.

The company’s predicament was further complicated by its partial visibility into their applications’ status, which made it difficult to tell which applications were critical in their portfolio and which needed retirement. An automated application discovery and modernization process was sorely needed.

Other unknowns were also hampering the company’s ability to decommission some of its data centers. It wasn’t clear what the critical dependencies were among the applications, The total cost of ownership for each applications was unknown. These factors resulted in the company only having a limited understanding of which data centers should be decommissioned. They needed a complete and accurate view of their current environment, to fully understand their key applications, and their supporting software and hardware infrastructure.

Matilda Discover automatically discovered the clients entire environment.

Matilda Migrate automated the migration to AWS, and saved the client significant amounts of money.

The Solution – Automated Application Discovery and Automated Cloud Migration

Matilda was able to quickly identify and recognize the unknowns in the company’s portfolio with Matilda Discover. In less than eight weeks, the company had a clear image of their current infrastructure portfolio and were able to determine which assets could be decommissioned and which were migration-ready.

The company was able to take advantage of automated cloud migration to AWS with Matilda Migrate, without impacting their business operations, and gained a clearer understanding of their infrastructure’s critical dependencies. Before the migration, Matilda delivered a report detailing the operational cost of their current data center infrastructure and provided a detailed plan and cost breakdown of their recommended migration strategy.

In addition to the identification of the right infrastructure to decommission and the quick, seamless migration that took only a few weeks, Matilda discovered expired and soon-to-expire software that was not being used optimally, and provided the travel and transport company a optimized multi-year plan for their software licenses that would provide savings worth thousands of dollars.

The Results

The international travel and transport company successfully migrated to AWS in a matter of weeks and received a detailed breakdown of their infrastructure and application dependencies that will serve them well in the future. Other benefits they enjoyed thanks to Matilda include:

  • A reduced cloud total cost of ownership (TCO) thanks to Matilda’s recommendations for AWS solutions that will save the company more than $5 million annually in on-premises storage costs when accounting for both infrastructure and applications
  • A snapshot of the company’s current IT environment through automated application discovery that will allow for systems to run more efficiently and enable more opportunities to right-size their AWS instances
  • Bolstered company infrastructure capabilities with powerful application views and maps of application-to-application and application-to-infrastructure dependencies
  • Cost savings through identifying and correcting expired or overpaid licenses
  • Utilization reports that provided vital information for future strategies, such as inventory reports, cloud disposition reports, and service discovery reports.

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