Automated Application Discovery and Migration with Matilda Reduces Application Update Cycle Time from Weeks Down to Hours

Customer Information
Location: Texas
Industry: Telecommunications
Project Duration: 2 months for 10 applications to non-production and production environments in the public cloud

AWS Migration and Modernization Competency


One of the largest telecom providers in the United states, known for delivering comprehensive communications and technology solutions that improve its customers’ lives, needed to migrate its legacy enterprise application to the public cloud, but didn’t have the data about the entire software stack to get it done.

The company’s processes needed to be revised. Existing Waterfall development methodology had kept them in a 90-day gap before meeting customer and security needs. During this legacy process, their team would need to create an entirely new environment and reinstall all elements of their applications–everything from dependent middleware to libraries and services, even the operating system. This cumbersome, manual process would take weeks and was plagued with errors due to its complexity and human error. The legacy process was often delayed due to this inefficient method, which led to periods of increased vulnerability and reduced performance.

This telecom provider sought a partner who could map the existing infrastructure and service details within the application environment and design a target system using cloud-generated formation templates to create the needed infrastructure on AWS. Automation needed to be the core of this new cloud environment, as the provider wanted to incorporate dynamic workflows as well as to automate the rehydration of the application deployment process to reduce the overall time to market and improve reliability. Fully automated application discovery and application modernization were therefore key requirements.


Successful application deployment automation depends on being able to provide solutions that are seamless and reduce failure points for customers, while enhancing application performance by allowing rapid rebuilding of applications for the cloud on each rehydration. But gaining awareness of the current environment, including dependencies with internal and third-party libraries, platform middleware, and among applications can be very challenging. At the same time, collecting the details of a network stack and execution elements is imperative. Executing these complex tasks, properly and in the right sequence, calls for a meticulous approach with the right combination of developers, testers, and operational teams–in other words, it calls for Matilda Discover and Matilda Migrate.

Discover and Migrate enabled application deployment to the cloud, supported full release orchestration, and enabled continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) using existing platforms and frameworks such as Jenkins, Ansible, Maven, SonarOube, and others.


An effective automated cloud migration was performed by Matilda Migrate, which implemented automated rehydration processes and slashed the time to market for applications and the deployment period was reduced from weeks to a matter of hours. The telecom provider also benefited from:

  • Over 90% automation in place across all applications
  • Automated rehydration with one click deployment enabled for all applications
  • An accelerated migration, completed at a rate 10 times faster than manual processes