Accelerate The Cloud Journey with Matilda’s Automated Application Modernization

Automated Application Modernzation

Apprehensive about the challenges and risks when shifting your business applications to the cloud? Would you like to simplify the complete migration process from planning to execution to tracking? Get off legacy systems faster, more cost-efficiently, and with no business disruptions with Matilda’s Automated Application Modernization.

Matilda has created a true agnostic cloud application migration platform that enables businesses to migrate complex workloads to virtually any cloud platform or from cloud platform to cloud platform. We eliminate the guesswork from planning to execution by carrying out a deep assessment to find the full scope of application dependencies then automatically generating cloud-native templates (code), customized to each application. Best of all— these templates are reusable and fully customizable!

Matilda Migrate – A Complete Automated Cloud Migration Tool – with built in Automated Application Modernization

A common problem with many cloud migrations is that the IT staff doesn’t have a clear picture of which systems are interacting with other systems and where the dependencies are which could lead to operational impact if disconnected, even when doing Lift and Shift. You don’t want any surprises impacting your systems—you want to transition to the cloud with the most information ahead of time. You want a complete blueprint of your current environment.

Matilda Migrate’s automated Application Modernization is an out-of-the-box experience that removes the worries such as: Does my IT staff have sufficient cloud knowledge to accomplish this? Will my application perform in a seamless fashion? And, What will this cost? My budget can’t support cost overruns. All of these worries are dissipated because Matilda does all the information gathering and busy work for you and presents it back clearly, concisely, and supported by recommendations of the best moves to make. Matilda Migrate supports 150 cloud services out-of-the-box with the functionality to enable or disable other critical areas when moving your applications into the cloud.

Migrate supports all modes of cloud migration (Rehosting, Replatforming, Refactoring, and Reachitecting) by:

  • Finding all applications and their dependencies automatically—extracting the key information about the particular service.
  • Automatically generating Terraform Infrastructure as Code for deployment in AWS, Azure, GCP and the Oracle Cloud
  • Automating Landing Zone Creation.
  • Automating Installation of the applications in the Target Clouds with customized Ansible, PowerShell, Python scripts and Helm Charts
  • Ensuring that cloud configuration policies are followed with standardized cloud configuration templates.

Your business does not have one application, you have many, possibly 1000s. Do you have all the software engineers ready to write an enormous amount of infrastructure code for your applications to migrate to the cloud?

Avoid Cost Overruns

When moving applications to the cloud, you want it done in the most cost-effective way possible. With Matilda’s Automated Application Modernization, you can actually see how much it’s going to cost for your resources to run inside the cloud—before you move them into the cloud.

If there’s a lot of “baggage” in your on-prem systems, a typical cloud migration solution will move it all right onto your new cloud service and start charging you accordingly. Matilda Migrate allows you to select just the core services you want to be placed into the cloud and receive a cost estimate on the resources needed to run them. With this insight, users can change and customize their applications to arrive at the desired cost—prior to receiving that first cloud hosting bill.

With Matilda’s Automated Application Modernization, you can now address all cloud migration risks in a highly optimized way, and in a zero-touch environment. Complete your cloud journey with a rapid and secure application migration process—and no cloud hosting cost surprises.

To learn more about Matilda Migrate, please visit the Matilda Migrate Product Page.