How to find an Automated Cloud Migration Tool

Automated Cloud Migration

If you are planning a cloud migration, then you need to put the right preparation in place.  Without the right strategy in place and due diligence, you will find the move not only expensive, but it can also affect the agility, scalability, portability, and profitability of your business adversely. An automated cloud migration tool is essential in order to achieve a fast, cost effective, and secure migration with a well working application in the cloud after the migration is complete.

In this article, we will provide you with the right questions that you can ask to analyze and evaluate the various features of the cloud module to find a comprehensive solution:

Automated Application and Infrastructure Discovery

Often, the most difficult phases, you need to approach this stage with care to ensure the success of your cloud migration. Some of the questions that you need to ask include:

  • How does the solution help identify the network topology and the services-application relationship?
  • Does the solution support discovery for private data, hybrid, and cloud-based workloads?
  • Can it offer analysis for cost, security, savings, and governance with a custom dashboard and reporting for your workload and IT setup?
  • What methodology does it use to discover security vulnerabilities in your setup?
  • Can the solution identify compute node configurations and statistics for the consumption of resources i.e. CPUs, memory, storage, network nodes, and firewalls?
  • Does it support operating systems, including iOS, Windows (all SKUs), Linux, Solaris, and RHEL?
Automated Cloud Migration

At this juncture, you need to assess whether the cloud migration solution provider has the products, the depth of experience, and the expertise to support fully automated lift and shift or lift and rebuild of workloads.

What you need to evaluate includes:

  • Does the solution provider have an enterprise-class platform and a proven track record with known companies?
  • Does the platform support lift and rebuild v/s lift and shift? This point showcases the solution provider’s ability to rebuild the entire environment if needed. This ability can be beneficial to create CI/CD pipelines and get a clean environment each time a workload is deployed
  • Can the solution lift and rebuild your apps to modernize your application deployment in containers and pods?
  • Can the solution automatically generate infrastructure templates with service install and configuration playbooks, including the below?
  • Terraform or cloud provider-specific templates
  • Cloud Formation templates
  • ARM templates
  • Does the solution provider offer seamless drag and drop workflow pipeline creation to integrate an application with true CI/CD?
  • What is their recommendation for the target system; does it include cost, resource utilization optimization, and scaling?
  • Can it create automated templates to support migration and release to multiple clouds?

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