Automate Cloud Migration of your Complex Applications & Workloads

Automate Cloud Migration
Before Cloud Migration

Enterprise-level businesses are rapidly migrating business-critical workloads to the cloud. Since the cloud migration process has been one of the prominent considerations to minimize IT cost,  automating cloud migration helps to leverage the benefits of cost-saving, faster deployments and provides a great level of scalability to ease application and workload management. The new-age enterprises also view cloud migration as a key to enable business transformation- which can help drive more business through improved customer engagement, forge new partnerships, and gain competitive benefits by ensuring compliance with standards and future-proof solutions.

What Should Your Approach to Cloud Migration Be?

Migrating complex applications and workloads to the cloud must be done strategically and methodologically. Starting with an assessment, enterprise applications and workloads must be analyzed to know which areas can benefit more from the early migration process. And then, evaluate the approximate cost of migration for the existing environment, the potential need for application/workload redesign, longevity, performance and availability, security and privacy requirements, choosing locations, and other potential regulatory requirements as-is. Manual attempt to cover these interim tasks needs pro-team with ample time to ensure each process is executed impeccably. When complexity level increases, humans’ approach alone to manage these critical processes could be error-prone, but automation can rectify these problems. Changing migration needs and overtime considerations can be easily managed when you know how to automate migration for your complex applications & workloads.

Automating Cloud Migration of Complex Workloads

Changing needs of digitally transformed businesses are maturing with tools to lift heavy and complex applications/workloads in the migration process. Addressing scaling, velocity, and capability to counter challenges in the journey is imperative and automating the migration process ease the overall approach, also helps to increase migration speed, minimize risk factors, and boost overall quality and precision of quick decision-making ability in a short time. In a precise view, automating the migration process lowers unit costs of individual application/workload, which in turn reduces time to fit into a complex migration environment. Reduced time slots translate into a minimal risk of exposure to an outage giving more benefits to the business in terms of tooling advancement, automated scripts, and controller level automation. To add a few more to the list:

Benefits of Automated Cloud Migration
  • Helps to reduce migration time and costs
  • Substitute for the need of scarce skills and resources to execute the migration
  • Business agility, collaboration, and flexibility
  • Reduced software maintenance effort
  • Improved availability and responsiveness of applications and workloads
  • Improved compliance and security for applications and workloads
  • Extensively supports data analytics to engage data conversion process from legacy systems
  • Minimizes business disruption by accelerating migration process and mitigating technology change impacts on business operations
  • Enables faster and smooth migration for critical applications and workloads to run optimally in the cloud environment
How to Identify if Automated Cloud Migration Works for your Business?

Complex applications and critical workloads are a significant capital investment for modern days enterprise. But not every modern enterprise workflow suffice automation, however many are too. Knowing initial level considerations can help you decide whether automated migration works for your business or not:

  • The current application/workload is actively in use delivering on-going value to the business
  • Application/Workload paramount to the business logic of the enterprise
  • Application/Workload denoted as an imperative asset to the enterprise, plays a critical role in competitive benefit or strategic move in the decision-making process
  • The Application/ Workload is extremely complex and critical to handle (> 200,000 coded lines and heavy in size)
  • Source code for both application and workload requires modification on regular intervals to cope with changing requirements or compliance/security measures
  • The programming language used in applications is obsolete, making it difficult for development teams to adopt advancement
  • The enterprise planning to revamp the existing workflow to represent advanced workflow management
  • A business that denotes Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and confronted to face new competitors in the industry with modern UX or with browser-based SaaS applications

In case your business has many or all of these criteria in consideration list, you would either choose comprehensive automated migration for your applications and workload or stick to the existing practices.

Matilda’s Role in Automated Cloud Migration

Migrating complex applications and critical workloads is a challenging process. You should consider many factors that play part in your entire workflow, including application performance, latency issues, bandwidth constraints, and behavior of the workflow environment when moved to the cloud. Even when you deal with these factors, executing migration processes with traditional methods to design, develop, and deploy the infrastructure and then move applications/workload to the cloud is time-consuming. Matilda Cloud Migration Platform is the formidable choice to simplify this process. Our deep expertise in cloud migration helps you avoid many of the common mistakes, saves your time, money, and assure you the best results.

  • Automatically discover your entire environment
  • Automatically create the correct landing zones in the cloud
  • Automatically create the infrastructure as code to modernize your applications
  • Supports cloud-agnostic migration
  • Quickly deploy applications in public clouds
  • Future-proof applications by migrating to containers
  • Manage deployment across multiple cloud partners
  • Quick, Easy and Secured – workflow-driven interface
  • Full-stack deployment – Infra, services, and Apps
  • Predefined targets and resources
  • Containerize legacy apps

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