Automated Application Discovery Accelerates Cloud Migration

Automated Application Discovery

Diving right into cloud transformation without prior road-map could be a flop show. If you’re not sure about which business case needs to be considered for cloud transformation, then stop right there. Come out of the readiness phase, prepare an automated application discovery plan for your business environment, create a set of cloud transformation sprints and then formulate the structured road map to address the subsequent sprints to comprehend what you should consider for cloud transformation.

Automated Application Discovery is Required before Cloud Migration can Start

Cloud transformation boom has already disrupted businesses with an upward swing like every year, 2020 is no different in this regard as cloud spending is expected to reach $530 billion in next year. Every enterprise is keen on embracing cloud transformation to optimize costs, scale business, and make way for faster innovations. So most of these players are either in the process of identifying or have already identified their best possible way to achieve successful cloud transformation. But what most of them don’t realize is the effort IT teams invest to deliver the successful results. This effort manifests in different forms such as:

  • Comprehending demand and volume of the IT infrastructure
  • Connecting hardware and assets with an enterprise’s service lines that they deliver to the businesses
  • Identifying root-cause of IT service failures as a user standpoint
  • Identifying where all aspects of the IT infrastructure located and scaling their capabilities
  • Tracking performance and availability of local, distributed, and cloud-based networks
  • Managing configurations and settings of the IT infrastructure up to date

All of these responsibilities need effort, maybe a lot. As IT networks and infrastructures tend to change frequently, gathering all this information without flaws is challenging and crucial, and you have two options to execute this process:

1) Pick a team of analysts and technicians who can constantly analyze IT infrastructure and record the information. (This is a slow-burn process, and requires professionals on board with years of experience to take complete responsibility of the whole process, from beginning till end.)

2) Use an automated discovery platform that helps to scan all IT assets such as applications, environment variables, services, and processes associated and map their dependencies, eventually record all data in a CMDB. (Requires fewer resources, less human effort, simple to execute and provides faster results in a short time.)

As automated discovery is turning out to be a fundamental requirement for present-day IT operations, agentless automated discovery platforms as a part of automation gaining popularity for many reasons.

If you have an automated application discovery platform, then you will be able to:
  • Collect data flow synchronization between application processes
  • Collect details of dependencies used between applications running on other servers
  • Identify key elements to modernize your apps and make the journey simple yet predictable
  • Collect infrastructure details such as CPU, RAM, Disk, Network, etc
  • Facilitation to scan bunch of applications in one go- be it Windows or Linux
Get started with Matilda’s Agentless Discovery Platform – Know a 360-degree view of your application across on-prem and under a fully automated and real-time environment!

The most confronting and imperative part of application cloud migration is the discovery and assessment phase. If your current infrastructure is driven by multiple resources like data centers or on-ground project teams, then extracting the information form IT infrastructure, identifying potential issues, documenting, and utilizing them into actionable insights could be a painful job. It also expects you to know the answers for:

  • What does your IT infrastructure look like?
  • What are the characteristics of your application/workload?
  • What are the available cloud options for your application environment?
  • What are the possible optimal settings for your performance targets?
A simplified way to get the answers and execute cloud discovery successfully-

Right from initial level cloud adoption to optimization, Matilda’s agentless discovery platform aims to provide you the smooth and hassle-free transaction to the cloud, and it involves:

  • Discovery, evaluation, assessment, and classification of selected customer environments, systems, and applications
  • Facility to identify possible deployments patterns signifying rehosting, refactoring, revising, rebuilding, and replacing with the help of our cloud partners
  • Features to create a hierarchical view of the application, and its dependencies facilitate easy migration, asset management, and any compliance needs with a great level of comprehensiveness and flexibility
  • Provides migration roadmap to AWS, AZURE, Oracle Cloud, and Google Cloud

Combining our cloud expertise with decades of on-ground experience in vast areas like discovery, release orchestration, cost optimization, and cloud migration, we have been relentlessly offering prospective necessaries to our customers to integrate existing business processes for seamless transformations of applications and workloads to the cloud platform. Schedule a demo to know more!