Automated Cloud Migration for New and Existing Applications

Automated Cloud Migration

DevOps is a crucial part of application maintenance and feature enhancement that supports experiment-driven, fast-learning, flexible, and high-velocity engineering culture. Instances when enterprises plan a cloud migration of existing or new applications, the workflow should have a set of tools needed for CI/CD. Prior to that setup, you should understand the value propositon of migrating existing applications to the cloud, and how it helps your enterprise to drive optimum business outcome in days to come. Automated Cloud Migration is essential in order to set the stage for a productive DevOps process after the migration.

Cloud Migration promotes Application Agility

Adoption of mobile and web applications are gaining popularity at a rapid pace and are disrupting the businesses from their legacy processes of software application management and innovation. As a part of the disruption, businesses are expected to add new features and fix defects on a monthly or bi-weekly basis. Whether you are adding features to the existing or new application, it is essential to keep your applications to run in the cloud, and that’s where Matilda Cloud Solution comes to the picture.

Matilda’s cloud platform helps enterprises to discover assets of the application running in an existing environment in no time and facilitate automation in application migration or release management to keep up with the rapid adoption of new features. Essentially, helping organizations to create a truly scalable CI/CD for their applications. The need for rapid application development and management is real as the pace of innovation is expected to accelerate putting pressure on businesses to keep up with the trend and enable CI/CD even at a rapid pace, this requires automation of CI/CD for applications, Matilda cloud platform is ideal for supporting all aspects of this need for enterprise applications.

Everybody wants to implement CI/CD and DevOps to achieve agile development, integration, and deployment, but it’s challenging to select the right approach. Matilda’s Cloud Solutions platform is proven at scale to support enterprise applications and providing them cutting edge solutions to stay up to the new age cloud application development and deployment practices.

Our solutions can help to discover assets of your enterprise applications and its environment. This could be a key to robust and secure cloud migration.

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Benefits of Automated Cloud Migration
  • Over 90% of automation achieved for all applications
  • Designed the solution to automate rehydration process and implemented it successfully to meet the requirement
  • We reduced time to market for the applications and the deployment process slashed from weeks or months to a few hours
  • Provided a fully automated deployment, and rehydration process to eliminate manual errors

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) stated that 82% of companies are eager to migrate applications to the cloud. It’s your time to make a move!

Just few years back software application development followed a waterfall process for new feature development. Everyone was used to building big project plans, and the process used to occur in stages such as the probability of the project, planning, design, build, test, production, and support. Every project would follow a similar life cycle and the scope for changing requirement was rare. But today, it’s all about agile development where you don’t need to worry about what would happen in the next twelve months, instead, think about the next three months and plan accordingly. We Matilda Cloud provide tailor-made customized application deployment and rehydration solutions to live up to your expectations and help match the rapid pace of digital transformation practices. Request a demo now and experience the future today.