Migrating an Application from Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) to AWS

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Location: North America
Industry: Telecommunications

AWS Migration and Modernization Competency

The Challenge – PCF to AWS Migration Under Time Pressure

One of the largest telecom providers in the United States, renowned for delivering comprehensive communications and technology solutions to their customers, had a quandary on their hands. Their Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) license renewal was rapidly approaching, but they knew they needed to move to a different cloud environment.

Their plan was to move all their workloads running in PCF to Amazon Web Services (AWS) efficiently, effectively–and quickly. It was crucial that the migration happen on time, at scale, and with quality intact, as well as to ensure that workloads running outside of PCF on physical and virtual machines would come over without disruption.

But there were roadblocks in the plan. They had many legacy applications with limited domain knowledge and security processes to go along with them, and needed to plan the migration in a unified way for the applications distributed across multiple different regions. Dependent applications would need to be identified, and interfaces would need to be mapped out and analyzed for a right-scale migration to AWS.

It was a tall order: a complete migration strategy, from planning and prioritization to TCO analysis, application dependency analysis, and automated execution with enterprise-level security and a dynamic workflow. But thankfully, the company reached out to Matilda.

Matilda Discover and Migrate accelerated the migration process, and fit the applications into a modern lifecycle management process. 

The Solution – Automated Discovery and Migration from Matilda

Matilda Discover was used to automate the application discovery process including identifying every application, and determining its components, and the software, networking, compute and storage resources that the application relied upon. 

Matilda Migrate was used to automatically create the landing zones for the applications in the cloud, to create the installation scripts for all of the supporting software for the applications and to modernize the application with automatically generated Terraform Infrastructure as Code. This automated the containerization process and created a modern lifecycle management approach for each application.

The automation in Matilda Discover and Matilda Migrate dramatically accelerated the telecom’s cloud migration journey allowing it to be completed within the constraints of the license expiration window. 

Matilda Discover and Matilda Migrate were also used to generate wave groups and application groups based on multiple scenarios like complexity, technology, application, and strategy, to make sure the move to AWS went smoothly.

The Results

All of the telecom provider’s applications were migrated to the AWS cloud within the planned time frame; Matilda removed the guess work in migration planning and provided a complete strategy and plan for moving their workloads optimally to the new cloud environment.

Some highlights of the automated cloud migration and the company’s new environment include:

  • Matilda generated a services and infrastructure dependency map with a complexity score for each node
  • Application dependency across data centers were also mapped out, with visualization charts
  • Legacy applications were successfully assessed with complete enterprise-level and application views
  • All applications now have a fully built, automated Cl/CD pipeline with integrated security and governance controls, with the required infrastructure as code automatically generated by Matilda Migrate
  • Reusable templates were automatically generated during the process, and are ready to leverage in any future migrations

Learn more about Matilda Discover, and Matilda Migrate.

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